Looking for Auditors in Whangarei?

Our Auditor in Whangarei, NorthlandOur firm has a specialist audit division which provides a range of high quality assurance services.

We currently act as auditors for over 100 clients which range from large companies, charities, Maori trusts, clubs and societies.

Kennedy Allbon Tane is a registered audit firm and Adelle Allbon is a licensed auditor. This means that we are able to audit issuers in accordance with the Auditor Regulation Act 2011.

The types of assurance services we provide indude;

  • Full audits including those required by statute.
  • Special purpose audits for example those needed to satisfy Ministry of Education funding requirements.
  • Reviews.
  • Audits of retirement villages.
  • Real estate trust account audits – REAA requirements.
  • Agreed upon procedure assignments.
  • Internal audit.
  • Gaming machine license audits for Department of Internal Affairs.

We are local, accessible and pride ourselves on providing a personal level of service from an experienced team.

As part of our assignment we provide a comprehensive management letter which contains suggestions for improving internal controls, highlights any perceived weaknesses and makes recommendations regarding key audit issues.

We will provide you with a checklist to help you compile the information we require. When you are ready to start the audit process we will work with you to set an audit timetable to ensure your audit is ready when you need it. For smaller entities it is usually most efficient if you bring the records into our office. For larger organizations or if you prefer, we can simply work from your premises.

We are happy to provide upfront quotes and can offer competitive fees whilst maintaining a high level of assurance that can be relied upon.

If you have any queries regarding our assurance services or require a quote, contact our Auditor in Whangarei, partner Adelle Allbon directly – adelle@kennedyallbontane.co.nz

Why Auditing is Important

You might be tempted to ask, “Why is an audit so important?”. We asked our auditor, Whangarei partner, Adelle Allbon for her opinion;

Identification of errors in your accounts
This is perhaps the core of what an audit is. Errors in your accounts can be located through the audit process and corrected.

Discovery of fraud within your business
Sometimes deceptive accounting can be uncovered. When there is a discrepancy between what the business owner expects to find and what the auditors discover, this is referred to as an “Expectations Gap”.

Borrowing is easier with audited accounts
Borrowing from lending institutions can be more easily achieved with a set of audited accounts, especially where you prepare your own books. A set of audited accounts will help you when it comes to expanding your business.

Find weaknesses in your business
A good auditor can inform you about areas of your business that may need attention. Overly high expenses in one area can reduce your effectiveness overall.

Third party scrutiny
Many businesses lose profits due to staff waste or theft. The knowledge that an auditor will be reviewing your accounts inclines staff to work more honestly and with less errors.