Save Money with a Safe Workplace

workplace safetyACC news is good this year.  In addition to the rates not being raised there is also the incentive called the Workplace Safety Discount effective from 1st April 2013.  Eligibility for this discount depends on the safety of your business work environment. You need a safe workplace!

Previously this discount only operated in the top seven industries of high risk.  It will now apply to every industry group.

The ACC had already aimed to have this discount apply to all businesses – from the self employed through to small and medium businesses – to encourage the implementation of   attainable safety and health schemes for all workers.  This new incentive was driven by the number of enquiries received from other industries seeking to be included in the scheme.

Workplace Safety Discounts will give smaller employers and the self employed a monetary incentive to increase their awareness of health and safety issues in the workplace and encourage them to improve their standards.

What will this wider application of discounts do for NZ businesses?

Basically it will give small and medium businesses and the self employed a chance to reduce the expense of the work component of the ACC levy by 10% whatever industry they are in.  Any expense which can be reduced is worth applying for and the Workplace Safety Discount is one which can also have benefits by making health and safety more of a priority.