Is your succession plan viable?

4th December 2014
succession planning

Succession will affect every business at some point. It is completely inevitable, and yet so many businesses don’t have adequate …

KiwiSaver Matures

11th November 2014

On July 1 KiwiSaver turned 5 years old. Our national KiwiSaver initiative has been a great success, with nearly 2 …

Trustees Responsibilities

4th November 2014
trustee responsibilities should be taken seriously

It is our belief, and the belief of many trust experts that an annual trust meeting to review all of the above matters is not an option but an actual necessity. We are not in the position of professional trustee simply to take a number. We are there to add value.

New Charity Rules for FBT

2nd February 2014
fbt charity rules

Fringe Benefit Tax may now be payable on such things as grocery and petrol vouchers etc. New rules make charities liable to pay FBT if an employee is given any free benefit which is over 5% of their wages or a total of $1200 a year ($300 quarterly) whichever is the lower figure. The fringe benefit upper limit must also not be exceeded on total staff numbers.

Australian and New Zealand Superannuation Funds Swap

10th January 2014
NZ Australian Retirement Funds

If you are thinking of moving to Australia and have funds in Kiwisaver the Australian Government has changed legislation to enable New Zealanders to move their funds to a similar Australian scheme which is compatible (not all are).

Do you have a beach House/Boat/Plane to rent?

10th December 2013
succession planning

The Law has now been passed for changes to expense claims on assets which are used privately but are also used to earn income (mixed use assets) for example holiday baches, planes and boats.

IRD Compliance Focus 2012/2013

4th November 2013

The IRD just released their annual Compliance Focus document for 2012-2013 to ‘help you get it right’. It outlines how …

Save Money with a Safe Workplace

1st August 2013

ACC news is good this year. In addition to the rates not being raised there is also the incentive called the Workplace Safety Discount effective from 1st April 2013.

Youth Wages to promote Youth Employment

16th July 2013
youth employment

To encourage employers to take on New Zealand school leavers and young people without jobs who are living on a benefit the Government has introduced a youth wage.

Meridian is the next State Asset Sale

2nd July 2013
meridian energy

The second half of this year will see up to 49% of Meridian Energy shares being offered for sale but this will depend on the state of the market.