2013 Budget Tax Changes

13th June 2013
IRD Tax Update

The Government’s latest Budget has addressed six areas of business expenditure nicknamed ‘black holes’. Tax will now be deductible from items which previously did not qualify.

Creating a sustainable company culture

20th May 2013
company culture

Are you making the most of your key staff? In the current state of the business world is your business performing well? A strong, innovative leadership has a flow on effect on the staff in your business bringing out the best in them.

Changes to the tax treatment of commercial lease payments

7th May 2013
man leaning over counter discussing commercial lease payments

On 1st April 2013 proposed changes will come into effect concerning commercial lease payments. Whether you are starting or ending such an arrangement over the next few months we would advise you to contact us to discuss potential implications in tax treatments.

Professional Telephone Skills Guide for your Staff

22nd April 2013

This article contains tips on how a phone call can be answered in a professional manner and your staff should be trained to use these telephone skills.

Mixed Use Assets hit by new rulings

4th April 2013
photo of a private plane, which can be mixed use assets

As if the removal of building depreciation for residential property investors wasn’t a big enough blow, the Government will soon be changing the rules around mixed use assets….

Employer Update: Starting Out Wages & Dismissal Expenses

19th March 2013
starting out wages

In this Employers’ update: The starting out wage is designed to help create employment for younger people. And… What costs you could face for dismissals.

IRD Updates: Student Loans, Asset Sales & Mixed Use Assets

4th March 2013
IRD Tax Update

IRD Updates about student loans, mixed ownership and mixed asset use.

Trial Periods: How to do it right first time

29th January 2013
Trial Periods prove Successful

The benefits of a trial period of 90 days have been shown for both employees and employers. However, the paperwork must be in order to avoid pitfalls.

Succession planning for your business

21st January 2013
plan a succession planning agreement

Succession planning is important for your business. Your family, your staff and your associates rely on the continued success of your business. Are you prepared?

2012-13 IRD Compliance Focus Annual Review

7th January 2013
IRD Tax Update

The 2012-2013 Compliance Focus annual review document has recently been released and gives guidelines on how to ensure correct tax amounts are collected. Follow the recommendations in this article to get all your bases covered.